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Experts Agree...

Standing out, in this tight economy, where promotions are difficult to come by, is crucial. Strengthening your core skills is the key. Now, thanks to a unique partnership between Dale Carnegie Training and Concordia University, you have an effective and efficient way to reach the next level and leave your competition behind.

Training for Your Employees

For a business to succeed in the rapidly changing business climate, it must be run by a cohesive team armed with demonstrable skills. Dale Carnegie Training Programs are a proven way to increase team cohesion and boost performance in a short period of time. These flexible, tailor-made programs focus on industry-specific skills that emphasize practical strengths meant to improve performance, as well as universally important business skills like strong interpersonal and group communication. Not everyone is born a leader, but through Dale Carnegie Training, everyone can learn to be a powerful and effective leader.

Training for You

Competition in the career marketplace is fierce. To get where you want to be professionally, you need to give yourself an advantage. Dale Carnegie Training Certificate Programs have a proven history of equipping professionals and future professionals with demonstrable, real-world skills. Dale Carnegie courses cover a variety of skills, including communication, leadership and customer service. When combined with the Concordia University industry-specific courses of your choosing, the knowledge you gain and the confidence you build can help boost your career and help you become the standout in any crowd.


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