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Below are commonly asked questions about Dell’s U.S. Educational Assistance Program Policy and Dale Carnegie Training

View the EDAP Policy here

Does Dale Carnegie qualify for tuition reimbursement through EDAP? 

Yes.  Dell HR has approved an exception to the EDAP policy to include certain Dale Carnegie programs. Dale Carnegie has a partnership with the Concordia University that awards a grade for the below programs.  If you receive a grade of A or B you are eligible for 100% tuition reimbursement. Not all courses are offered in all areas.

Which Dale Carnegie programs are eligible for tuition reimbursement through EDAP?

The following Dale Carnegie programs are eligible for 100% tuition reimbursement through EDAP with a grade of A or B through Concordia University.

Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communication & Human Relations (12 weeks)

Course Number: DCP-101

Dale Carnegie Course: Skills for Success (8 weeks)

Course Number: DCP-116

Strictly Business: Immersion Seminar (3 days)

Course Number: DCP-111

Advanced Dale Carnegie Course: Skills for Team Success

Course Number: DCP-120

High Impact Presentations (2 days)

Course Number: DCP-104

Leadership Training for Managers

Course Number: DCP-102

The Leadership Advantage

Course Number: DCP-102

Sales Advantage

Course Number: DCP-103

How to Sell Like a Pro

Course Number: DCP-312


Will the EDAP tuition reimbursement come from my team’s cost center? 

The Educational Assistance Program uses a Corporate Human Resources fund to complete tuition reimbursements. If you go through EDAP, your Manager’s cost center will not be used to cover the expense of the tuition for the approved Dale Carnegie programs.  

When is the tuition payment for a Dale Carnegie program due? 

The tuition payment is made online using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card prior to enrolling in a program. 

What is the EDAP reimbursement process for approved Dale Carnegie programs?

After the approved Dale Carnegie program is completed, you will need to upload the final grade and itemized receipt provided by Concordia University (this is provided to the Dell employee by Concordia within 15 business days after graduation) along with the EDAP Request for Reimbursement form and log an Ask HR case.

How long does it usually take from the case submission until the tuition reimbursement funds are received?  All reimbursements are made in a biweekly basis as an additional pay on your paycheck. The completion of a case is usually 5 business days and payments are made through the Dell payroll team.   The cutoff date to submit the reimbursement paperwork is every Friday before payday.

Has a Dell employee been denied reimbursement for a Dale Carnegie program? 

To date, with close to 2,000 Dale Carnegie graduates through Dell 100% of the people who have followed this process have been reimbursed their entire investment in the training. Link back to policy

Are Dale Carnegie online programs eligible for EDAP tuition reimbursement? 

No.  Only the 9 approved Dale Carnegie in-person programs are eligible for EDAP. Please talk to your manager about using their cost center budget to support online Dale Carnegie programs, including Live Online Programs. To find out more about the programs, click here……

If I am based outside of the United States, am I eligible to use EDAP? 

Only U.S. based employees are eligible to use EDAP.  Please talk to your manager about using their cost center budget to support Dale Carnegie programs.

What is the cancellation policy? 

See the standard ACCET cancellation policy in the footer of the site.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, you will have access to EdAssist's online reimbursement process. More details including contact information will be provided here.


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