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Graduates Testimonials

We surveyed more than 100 Dell graduates and here’s what we found.

  • 64 promotions were received after Dell employees graduated from one or more Dale Carnegie Courses.
  • 40% were promoted within 12 months.
  • 40% got a raise
  • 80% improved relationships with colleagues
  • 85% improved relationships with management
  • 45% received recognition


What impact has Dale Carnegie Training had on your career at Dell?

It greatly improved my ability to develop relationships, work through stressful situations, build

alignment, and influence others.

Great relationships, improved communication, better presentation skills, more enthusiasm

It has had a tremendous impact and I cannot stress how much it has made me better at work and home.  I tell managers that this course was a game changer for me. 

The greatest impact is my ability to convey an idea/strategy/process in a clear and concise manner.  I am in daily executive meetings where my thoughts, recommendations, and solutions are heard and valued!

I am more positive, and I care more about the “how we achieve” than the “what we achieve”.  I am determined to be a leader with or without a title, salary, or any other recognition.

I have been promoted since taking the Dale Carnegie Course and I strongly believe it is because the self-confidence I gained while taking this course.

Dale Carnegie training was more immersive and engaging than any other available training.

This was by far the most interactive and comprehensive training I have received since working at Dell.  The “out of the box” approach definitely worth the time investment.

The focus on the individual – Dale Carnegie Training pushed one to new heights in a safe environment. There is no other course I have taken where coaching in the moment takes place.  This was tremendously valuable in my development.

The course helped me get over the public speaking hurdle and showed me how to be myself through the excitement/nerves/etc.

I was able to articulate well in my presentations to leadership and was able to make strongrelationship with my team members and managers.

I attended the Dale Carnegie course shortly after relocating to the US. It was excellent timing as everything was new - culture, role, team, manager. The course has many benefits in terms of team engagement and communication but above all it really helped me with building my confidence in a new setting.


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